They Do Not Work Without Lens.!

Time to let go

I have been holding to my camera for a few years now, and finally felt that it was time to let go of it. The old 450D advertised online. Post some pictures, description and after 24 hours, received a confirmation email that my advertisement is approved and posted online. Few hours later, I got a sms from this unidentified number, asking about the camera. I replied and we exchanged sms for a few times, after tired of replying to the messages, I called and made an appointment with this potential buyer. From that call, told me that it would be his first purchase of a DSLR and such, but, he have used other medium before, which I guess was a point and shoot.

EOS 450D

The next day, we agreed for a meeting at his preferred location and I made my way there after finishing some other stuff . It was quite late that night and I waited for the buyer to come. Few minutes later, he showed up with his car and I presented my camera, complete with the battery charger, the box that it came with and all the wrapping and CD’s and all. He seems okay and happy with the camera as I demonstrated it in front of him. Satisfied and seemingly eager to leave, I took off my lens and wanted to wrap everything up, until he wanted to test and see how the pictures turned out without the lens attached… !!?

#awkward_moment … I patiently said…. “you can’t take pictures without the lens attached you dumb-ass .!“.. (the last word was only spoken inside my head) I just can’t believe it.! It felt like as if someone is trying to make a prank and there is a candid camera somewhere but at the same time I try not to laugh my head off. Since he seemed eager to get one, I explained to him that he can get the lens somewhere else or online, relatively cheap and he would be passing a really good deal as I was selling the body for quite a low price. He could not go with that and unfortunately the deal was off. A little frustrated, I went back not because of the camera didn’t sell but because I had wasted time.


I made another call to another buyer that same night, who I explained in the phone, explicitly, that I would be selling only the body, no lens included. Which by the way was also clearly typed in the advertisement. The guy at the other end of the line seems to understand better than the first one and we arranged for an appointment, the next day. He told me he would be buying this for his son which is just getting interested in photography.

The next day, I got a call before the appointment, and he asked about the camera again, as if I didn’t explain clearly enough on the first call, he was a bit surprised that the camera was without lens attached and he would not be able to take pictures without them, even asked me if I was selling lens as well. I said no, and there are other options out there to get lenses, but he said that it won’t work for him. At least he got the courtesy to reconfirmed, maybe with his son, and then called me back to cancel the appointment. Saved my time there, but seriously? come on..!

The third sms, I got soon afterwards, also inquiring about the camera, was from a guy that seemed to know what he was talking about. I made a call, arranged for a meeting and the next day, we made our deal and fortunately for me, he knows what he wants and within 15 minutes, sold.

the whole kit
The whole kit

Do your research.

I quite understand that not everyone is an expert or knowledgeable about DSLR cameras or photography and the stuff related to it, but I always thought that everyone knew at least the basics, since DSLR cameras have become such a normal thing to own and we see people using them everywhere… how wrong I was. What really amazed me is, if you had wanted to buy a DSLR, shouldn’t you have did some research in the first place.? At least you’d know that they do not work without a lens attached.? Maybe there is some lesson here which I can relate to everybody. There are many things out there that others know but we might not, and by doing a little research, or just by asking questions, might save us some time, give new experience, gain knowledge and enlighten us.

It was an amusing experience to me and somewhat strange and hilarious at the same time… but there are many types of people out there and we are just one in a million. 🙂


2 thoughts on “They Do Not Work Without Lens.!

  1. Now, this is unbelievable. But seriously, there are a lot of people who have never used an SLR in the film days. Their first purchase was probably a cute little point and shoot. They would not know what does DSLR mean.
    A nice and refreshing post nevertheless.

    1. True, SLR cameras are not that for the general public those days. Still I was fascinated that even though with all the internet access now days, they are at the dark. Thanks for the comment.

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