Smart but Fragile…

One morning I wake up and noticed my smart-phone, which I normally place on my side before bed, with a static start-up screen-the elegant, glowing font, displaying the brand and model number on the wide 4.8 Inch amoled display-just hanging there in limbo. The casing was kind of warm probably due to the extended period of time the display was active. I tried to restart, pull the battery out, reinserted it again, plug-in the charger, but to no avail.  The Android wasn’t responding.

I was lucky that the phone still got some warranty left in it and repairs are free, but the point is, I was a bit disappointed at the malfunction and it kind of got on my nerves… You got to have some expectations for such a “high-end” device, hoping for reliability and not just performance… Imagined if I was travelling somewhere and the phone just fails. That would be a disaster.

Fortunately, I still got my Old nokia 1202 phone... under a pile of old stuff. Using the SIM card from the samsung, I had to make some adjustment with pieces of cut-out plastic and tape since the mini-SIM card is too small for the nokia, . I was able to power it up and the phone was able to read the SIM card. At least I can call and sms temporarily before my samsung is fixed.

The best part that came out of all of this was that, I am not that all awkward or uneasy being deprived of all the tech that I was used to before. Normally with the access, I could browse, read news updates, tweets or just networking. Now laid-back and looking around, feels kind of relaxed and suddenly, you find out that you got some spare time.


Being less preoccupied, lead us to be more alert, more perceptive, observant of things around, and thus, I came to notice this attracting colors of grapes and apples in a blue basket, the nice warm ambient light outside at the backyard and by chance, I remembered reading an article about messing with white color balance for some good photos.

Fruits on a  radiant day…

With all that in mind, no distraction by incoming alerts, messages or games, the motivation to just wanna make some photograph came by itself, nothing advanced or complex, simple easy and enjoyable, experimenting and practicing, the way I like it. The image above, was edited using Lightroom with adjustments made to the tone curve, some white balance slider movements and adjustments.

Everything erased…

Called samsung service center toll-free number, (found the number on the warranty card) and surprisingly, the customer service representative, recognized me by name, directed me to the nearest service center and replied to my queries nicely. It was fast and convenient. I went to the service center and waited for a while in line. I learned that the software might be corrupt due to updating process via the internet, and should there be any update of software in the future, It is better do it at the center and let the technicians do it for us. After filling out some forms, left my phone behind, and when the problem is solved, they’ll call within 3 days time.

The major downside to all of this was not the hassle or disappointment on the faulty device, I was mostly frustrated that they had to FORMAT the phone to install the software and so, there goes ALL of my files, pictures, videos, notes, documents, mp4, and all, and all, and all…. Gone, vanished, wiped out.  I do not think a basket of fruit can blow away my exasperation… 😦 😦 😦

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