Trekking In A Big City..

The next day, after all that rain and wet weather at the gardens, We went to Universal Studios Singapore.  I have been here before and so this was more to accompany my friend, being her first time… excited her a lot.  From Vivo city, we took a bus for SGD 2 and in 10 minutes arrived at Resort World Sentosa. Bought the admission tickets of SGD 78 and began exploring.

This time I just made it simple and plain, short walking pants, shoes, shirt, brought along only my tripod, camera and small sling bags, with my tripod being hung on my belt using a carabiner, I don’t have to use a bag and sling it on my shoulders. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but, after a few hours it became natural. 😀

Now, why all the trouble..? because I confidently packed the tripod without its’ carrying case, anticipating that I would be using only the bag-pack when photographing. Only then I realized, whilst during operating, the bag would be only carrying  a tripod and the camera(which by the way would be most of the time slung on my shoulder), would stay out of the bag, So even though not full, the rigid frame of the bag would just keep it bloated and all the empty space, in side, was just space, so not practical.! …Lesson learned.

As usual, USS still is the same as my previous visit, but still it didn’t stop me taking some pictures.


It rained for a while, lucky it wasn’t a storm.

more street performance after the rain.
delayed due to the storm
The ever cliche image of universal studios.
hanging around by the waterfront.

There should be a crane dance show but we could not wait for the show to start. So we just head back instead.

Walk alone.

The next day, my friend went home, we parted but I still got few days in Singapore, so I continued my sight-seeing there. I started from the Lavender MRT area, planning to walk the streets all day long. So that’s what I did. Still I need a direction, my end point would be the fountain of wealth at Suntec City which was according to my apps was around 2 KM at that time heading south-west.

Just when I was warming up, the rain came down, so I had to take cover in one of the shopping complex for an hour of so. The rain stopped and I cross the street and discovered Raffles Palace, an amazing historical precolonial times architecture in the middle of the city.

raffles hotel

For around $800/room, you can just imagine what the interiors are like.

Few hours later, I arrived and went to view the Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City. Unfortunately the fountain was closed due to renovations. From the glimpse of it, it wasn’t very big and all and the photos posted online didn’t inspire me a lot, but the journey is what matters.

I continued to wander around the area few times, got something to eat and drink and, it was time to look for a place to spend the night. So next on the list was to Little India area where there are lots of hostel and one of the attractions in Singapore. Took the MRT to little India station and went up the streets. It was already night-time and I hope to find a place to stay.

first time here.

Arriving at Little India, there was still a lot of people on the streets, groceries shop still operating, selling fruits and vegetables and frankly a lot of activity. I was quite surprised at all the commotion going on. Maybe it’s just the weekend, before I forgot, bought myself a towel for SGD 2.

still operating.. 8 pm.

Kept on walking but still no sight of a hostel anywhere, It was still early, so I just skip asking for directions and scour the area for a while, presumably that I should stumble upon a hostel later, besides there would be more fascinating things that I can find whilst searching anyway.

restaurants easily found.

After crossing the streets and going from one end to the other, I was beginning to feel really exhausted and worried as there was still no hostel in sight and beginning to think that I am at the wrong side of town. Relieved, I saw one in a distance and directly head for it. Normally is that when you see one, there will be few others around the corner or at the opposite street or a different block nearby.

I took refuge at one named Lofi inn at Dickson road for SGD 28 that night. It was clean and acceptable, got a bathroom in the room I am sharing with six, but there are better places that I had been for the same price but, I didn’t want to be fussy and take too many chances so I just took the room for the night. They got kitchen, laundry area, and living area at the second floor. On the rooftop, a bar and I saw a jacuzzi tub. Not sure if it’s working though.

Strangely, the tenants seem to be living there or something. Talked to one of them and he said that he lived there, working and preferred doing so instead of looking for a house to rent, I asked is the rent not expensive or why’s he staying like this but he seemed reluctant to explain so just didn’t press on the topic. After a quick shower and change of clothes I went out again to explore the surrounding area.

garlands sold at nearby temples

Soon, as I had anticipated, I came across few hostels nearby, Prince of Wales Backpackers pub, bunc hostel, and many others. Still lots of activity going on, people working and restaurants busy with customers.

backpacker hostel..

Checkout the next day early about 9 am and ready. Started walking and this time the direction for reference was the Air Force museum. Set my bearings and went off according to my app on the phone and a compass at hand.

another exotic hotel nearby..

I did not strictly follow the path and direction but more to like  “follow your feet”. Where it is convenient the most for me that time. Where the lights are green and pedestrian crossing are available.

Peranakan museum.
next museum

There was supposed to be the central fire station nearby according to my apps but I didn’t see one, so probably my apps is lying.

freemason hall

Instead of finding the fire station, my feet bought me to Peninsula Shopping Center where there are lots of photography shop, selling lens and all type of camera body new and old. It was a heaven for photographers.

I even saw a lens that I didn’t knew still exist.

After being bedazzled by all the accessories, continued my walk pass few landmarks and finally arrived by the river, had a break and ice-cream.

Raffles’ Landing Site

I came to the place where On 29 January 1819, Raffle’s landed at this site for his first visit, which lasted ten days. During this period, he concluded the first treaty with the local rulers.

passing by

I walked quite a distance, 5 Km the least passing by landmarks and interesting places. Peranakan Museum, Philatelic Museum Peninsula Shopping center, St Andrew Cathedral, The Art House, The Parliament, Raffles statue, Asian Civilization Museum, Cavanagh Bridge, few War Memorials, Marina Square shopping mall. A lot of place.!

the marina bay sands behind

Finally some shopping, before time to get back to the airport to catch my flight home.

Sometimes it’s just fun walking about, without restrictions and dateline to catch. Wandering about and trekking the city doing sight-seeing. It would have been OK as well if following one of the tour bus sitting and have someone to drive you around, they got lots of those here but, the thrill of getting lost and finding your own way is just exciting. An experience and a great exercise by itself.

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