Preserving Your Memory…

Photographing, saving them on the disk, cd, external drive.. that’s most of the medium where I keep my photographs. But sooner or later the images would slip from my mind and only remember glimpses of them later on. As the years go by, more and more images will be taken, saved in a file sub-folder somewhere some when at what ever drive named C, D, E or F and before I know it, I had lost track of some of my precious pictures and only have an image of it in my head…


Most of the pictures that are really important are normally personal, family pictures, memories with friends, pictures of cats, even ordinary places of no aesthetic or architectural grandeur but the event and memory it have are sometimes life changing. I believe most of the people who have camera would be at the same situation

memories.. before the digital days..

8 thousand file names later on, why not print those pictures in paper (Not all of them..) Photograph used to be printed and later  inserted into albums or framed which usually takes space. Not to mention the individual prints stacking up bit by bit and making a mess all around and thus another demoralizing factor when it comes to prints. I remembered once, I got a bunch of photos during those school days with friends, families,  tucked away somewhere if not lost in time and all mixed up in a jumble. At one point, I just lost interest in printing pictures. Then we got another option.

Photo books…!

They are organised, clean, smart, text friendly, nice layouts, various sizes, appealing in presentation, long-lasting and story telling. Pictures can be of any sizes, thumbnails, medium or large depending on what we want. I hadn’t realized this before, but doing your own photo book, as a personal project is actually important. I can keep my pictures, see them later on and categorize the book any fashion I want. All the important memory is there and archived for later viewing and probably will pass on to my children.


Costly and tedious work, yes, but It’s just worth it.! I started making my first photo book few years ago just for fun and liked it a lot. Now I got a few of my own collection. Before that I only do it for weddings and other assignment request… basically for payment.

To begin..

Selecting the picture is not that hard but tedious and some work need to be done… Imagine going through thousand of pictures and doing editing.. That’s why I sometimes don’t edit them but only resize to reduce the file size.

Just remember the few rules… small file size if picture is going to be used small, and minor adjustments only. No need for elaborate advance photo-shop technique as they are not going to be used in an international advertisement anyway. Black and White, works wonders sometimes, especially when surrounded by colorful pictures.

Then getting a good photo book manufacturer. Lots of them online and available, just which one suits best. My choice is The customer service is really good in helping solve any problem that might arise. Try out at first by ordering the smallest and easiest to do and see how it comes and what needs to be noted or changed later. Is the picture what we want, does the product satisfies and quality vs price acceptable.?


Don’t forget, what matters.


Now I just order them online and after everything is fnished, the book are delivered to my door steps, how spoilt can you get. 😀


Just love the unwrapping process…

So, you got an awesome camera, magnificent lens and nice picture collection, but they are all worthless if nobody’s able to see and appreciate them, yet alone remember them. That would be a real loss in my opinion… The story just didn’t get out.

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