Madakaripura Waterfalls, East Java

Checkout 11 October 2012

Morning…. wake-up, checkout and ready by 5:00 am. The sky already bright and air getting warmer. We are all ready to go to the amazing Madakaripura waterfalls… After the nice meal and good sleep, everyone is enthusiastic about the journey.. we all know a great beautiful landscape awaits us at the end of the journey.

All packed and after checking out of our rooms, we load the van with all our bags and before leaving, took few pictures at the surrounding. Previously, since we arrived, we actually have not had the chance to even wander around… ūüôā


The Van started moving at about 5:30, all along the way, a little exhausted but eager to get to the waterfalls, along the way, green scenery, plantations and the countryside, really calm and beautiful. Along the way I can see young children, about to go to schools in uniforms, this time it was a little bit busy, probably the road we took was more populated and went through urban areas more than before. After a drive through twisting and winding roads, this time more downhill rather than up, we reached the waterfalls at 7:00 am.  After a small breakfast of bread jam and butter with a banana, the 30 minute walk towards the waterfalls begins.

first sight of waterfall

The trail to the waterfalls is relatively easy for those who normally trek the jungles, crossing small streams, hopping the small rock while witnessing the already beautiful landscape makes me more eager to reach the mystical place they call¬†Madakaripura. Most of the trails are already paved in concrete, only a portion of them is still jungle floor, just be careful not to slip as the mossy stones are slippery. After sometime, I can see the water falling from the walls of the valley high above, multiple streams of free-falling water just sprouting from the mountains and at the foreground as we got closer, there’s a resting place or make shift tent where there’s an old lady preparing hot drinks (coffee, tea) and fried bananas, or “bakwan” and sells them for a relatively cheap price.

I Like the home made coffee..

At this point prepare to get wet, put on anything you got to keep you dry as the water will be falling straight on you and there are umbrellas for hire at a very low price, I think it was about 2000 IDR -5000 IDR somewhere.

guide said this area is very deep.
I just said whoa..!

All the pictures here, can’t tell the grandeur of the entire landscape. Those visiting Bromo, don’t forget to make this destination one in the list as it’s just an hour drive from Mt¬†Bromo.

a little history¬†….

.”Believed to be the final meditation place of military Commander-in-Chief, Gajah Mada, of the great Javanese kingdom of Majapahit in East Java, the towering waterfall is fondly dubbed the eternal waterfall, since its waters never cease to pour down an endless rain of blessings on those fortunate enough to walk underneath it…..¬†

We all head back to the van shortly afterwards and there the guide normally asks for tips even though they’ve been paid, so a little 2000 IDR – 3000 IDR won’t hurt the pocket much. 9:30am after changing clothes, drying up a bit, we left the waterfalls and head straight back to Surabaya,¬†the boys wanted to do some shopping first before our flight later this evening so, we were off on our way and by 10:40 am we were at Pasuruan and at 1:00 pm reached Surabaya.

Time to leave.

From the country to the big city, in a matter of few hours is quite a change as well… now we face the bustling smoke, crazy traffic and vehicles honking at each other, crossing street and searching for shops and making bargains. Just went to Darmo Trade Center and Pasaraya Turi¬†across the street for a few hours and not wasting too much time anyway since everyone is eager to get back home.

By 03:30 pm, we already passed the Tol Menanggal heading for the airport. Since we were early at the airport, we waited for a while and had some late lunch at the airport canteen nearby the car park. Had something local to eat. After the food, hang around for few minutes with ¬†Adi, Pak Martono, and¬†Thressa. Our companion for the entire trip. They did an excellent job and really are serious and professional. I don’t know if it’s the job descriptive, but each time we enter the van, Thressa,¬†would open the rear doors and hold them for us, letting us in as if V.I.P’s. It does feels uncomfortable sometime, especially for me who is the closest to the door and last to enter, as I’m not so used to being¬†chauffeured¬†all the time like that, but I have to compliment him for being professional all the way.¬†Then came time for departure, each of us took our bags, exchanged greeting with them and say our goodbye’s. We can’t never thank them enough for taking good care and at the same time becoming a friend to us. but all comes to an end and we departed with hugs and handshakes.

Flight was  at 8:00pm, went through customs as usual and for each person leaving Indonesia there is a service fee of 150000 IDR. Paid at the check in counter, a receipt is  issued and without that receipt, you will be denied access to enter the boarding gate. Boarded the plane, and at 8:00pm. We take-off.

The four days and three nights at East Java, was a remarkable experience. The culture, people, nature and surroundings, unique at its own way and setting. Nothing can compare to the actual experience being there ourselves. Tiring and extreme this journey might have been, It’s worth every minute of it and I’d¬†definitely¬†will do this again if given the opportunity.


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