Photographing Fireworks

Chinese New Year… Fireworks…. and rain.

Fireworks have been correlated with the Chinese new year celebration and basically embedded in the culture, tradition, history, myth, legend, etc…etc..  If I were to explain why, I’d need to open a company for doing research, and publications and … Sorry, can’t afford that now.!

So not to waste ink.. this is just about the photographing of the fireworks I did last night. To begin, I used the 24-70mm 2.8 lens and 50D , with tripod. Setting for the camera is relatively easy if we are to think logically. Consider the ambient light available, that is the lights from the building’s, street lamp, moon light and any hi-intensity flood lights around. I took few test shots at first before the show begins to check if the exposure are nicely done. This would normally get an Aperture of around F5-10 and a shutter speed of 5-10 seconds. Take care not to use too long shutter speed as the multiple burst of fireworks will just make the picture messy. Of course a normal human physiology would require the Tripod when shooting at such long exposures. Don’t leave home without it.

Fireworks.. F7 at 6sec.

And that’s just it… 😀

p.s : One thing amazing that I observed during that night was not just the fireworks but there were some people still attempting to use their speedlights..!!!? seriously, what better way and time than showing off their expensive external flash…

Shooting fireworks is fun and exciting… we need to be fast and alert, able to anticipate and position the camera and angle for a nice shot and composition.. It would be great if there were some awesome building or prominent landmark accompanied by the fireworks. Personally, shooting just the fireworks without an interesting background or landscape would be just boring.!!!! Unfortunately, what we have is what we make do and using our creative side, common sense and planning, try to make the scene interesting. Then there’s the RAIN that came pouring down just before the clock strike midnight, which would have been the culmination of the whole waiting. I found out was that from the many photographers that was there… I was last man standing 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..

rain rain run away..

To add more pictures here would be silly for me. Google “Chinese New Year pictures ” … there are probably more pictures than the stars in the sky by now.

Yup.. that's about right...

see..? what did I tell you.. So.. leave it as it is…. 😀 .

Anyway, Wishing Happy Chinese New Year to all those Celebrating the festivals and may they all have a great Year ahead.


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