Mount Kinabalu Part 3, coming to the end

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Should I call this entry Mount Kinabalu..? well, maybe not appropriate but, to maintain consistency, I had to use the title even though we already left the mountain behind…. No wait..! we are still in the mountains and at very high grounds… 🙂 .

The final story of our successful climb of the Kinabalu Mountain in Sabah, 4092 meters high, highest in South East Asia. Picking up from the last entry, This one begins at the Kinabalu Park Office, where all begins here and now seems so appropriate that it ends here.

After successfully climbing the mountains, and back in one piece, reaching the “low-lands” again, we are given a certificate for the payment of RM10, proof and acknowledgement from the state of Sabah, that the person stated in the certificate had managed to reached the peak. This certificate is collected at the park Office and for those who wish to have a medal also, would have to add another RM25. Still wet and tired from the descent, all that I could think of that time, was a bath and change of clothes. Considering the last proper bath that we had was about 2 days ago, it is a very reasonable request.

After a short session of photographing and goodbye’s to the guides and park officials, we head to the Rose Cabin Resort situated not very far from the Park itself. Checked in and later that night had barbecue of fish, prawns and chicken wings. Hang around for a few hours, talked about the day and joked around and not long later, off to bed.

The next morning….

Today’s plan, was to head for Kinabalu city go snorkelling and do some sight seeing of the Islands. So all was again up early and ready, yet for another adventure, but this time under water. Before we left we took pictures of the surroundings and the majestic mountain behind the cabin.

been up there..

Even here, the weather is still foggy and misty as the altitude is still quite high. Made the temperature quite cool and very nice.

vegetables, plantations at the high grounds 

One thing for sure, the scenery and landscape of Kinabalu is beautiful and welcoming, the people are friendly and nice. I wish I had more time to explore the country better and more thorough, but that’s sure to come later on.

Kinabalu Park Office

From the cabin we had breakfast at a nearby restaurant just opposite the park office and an Hour later, head straight to the city. With a few stop and one missed turn, the drive took about about 2 hours, but mainly the road congestion and traffic, was the contributing factor to most of the travelling time anyway.

The afternoon..

11:40am at the city, park the cars and head for the boat, but before that, I saw two of us got a pair of flip-flops and realized that I’m going to need one for myself as I didn’t bring one along. Relatively cheap and practical, getting one of these was reasonable as the sand and water would make my shoes wet and very uncomfortable. So of all the designs that are hanging on the display, my friends joked me to get the FB one, which I did and bluntly paid for it.

our new and unique FF.?

Off we go to see the islands, took the boat at the jetty, went to a few islands to shoot some pictures and the last stop was at Sapi-sapi island where the rest of them will go snorkeling for a few hours.

on the way to the islands

Twenty minutes and we reached the first island, took some pictures continued to the second and then the third where we get down and spread out heading to the beach.  The scene is beautiful, occupied with visitors, taking a swim or sunbathing.

entrance, didn’t miss the chance to take pictures here..
leisure time.
viewing kinabalu town from the beach

While the rest of the guys went snorkelling and enjoying the water, I couldn’t join them because of my leg, so what else to do, but take a nap and photos of the scene there (mostly just napping the whole time 😀 )

time to go back..

So after a few hours at the beach, we head back to mainland and check in at the apartment that was booked earlier before the trip and be ready for the night.

The night…

Come night-time, everyone was hungry and starving, so we walked to the night market have a good spin and searched for dinner..

dinner time

Along the jetty, there are a LOT’S of stalls selling food. Few of the guys who went earlier, were already having dinner and the rest including me kept walking and went window shopping. As usual, pearls are one of the main attraction at Kinabalu, my friends didn’t let that opportunity slip, bargained for some pearls and got a good deal out of them. Buying by the bulk and going by the dozens.

pearls pearls

After business, now it’s time for me and those that haven’t eaten to look for food,

looking so nice.

There was an assortment of seafood here, infact, I didn’t notice any poultry of the sort here… so for those that are allergic to seafood, this might not be the suitable place to have your meal… We walked a little bit further to look for some fresh cooked meal as those on display was already pre-cooked and we didn’t know how long it has been on display already. Maybe it was just coincidence but, sad to say, some of the guys who hadn’t eaten with us had vomited and diarrhea the next morning.

pick and cook

The option we had was to keep on walking till we reach the other part of the jetty searching for an eating place that offers raw fish, squids, prawns etc for selection and cook them after weighing and pricing. I had better before but we weren’t picky eaters, so all went down clean and clear. Because we were too hungry, the instant they served the food, each of us just forgot to document the menu that night and simply gobbled up what was on the table.. So, what’s left to show but..

Clean and clear boys.. not so clean but Cleared..!
bill me please..

So the five of us, had a good decent and satisfactory meal. After that, walked around the town some more and head back ready for tomorrow.

Morning Final day…

The next day was mostly shopping and shopping.. Started early before 8:00am and the shops weren’t even opened yet so we had breakfast first. After breakfast, the final agenda begins… everyone was searching for souvenirs, bargains, and mementos to take back home, To put it simple and straight forward… an average of RM400 is spent for each person that morning alone and each took back an extra of 2 boxes of items of all sorts to be stuffed in the cargo compartment. The flight was scheduled in the afternoon, (luckily) or else the shopping frenzy would have dragged into the evening. Reached the airport in due time and ready for the flight. We departed at the airport terminal since my flight was at terminal two, so after saying goodbye and exchanging wishes. I continued my journey home. So.. goodbye for now..

ps:… FINALLY..!!!.. I was getting tired of writing this… 😛 😛 😛


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