Finally, got a new phone….

It’s been a few years I’ve bought myself a new handphone.. (yes, Years..!). Let it be known that there are still people like me who view that small handheld object merely as a tool of communication. Many/few HP users out there that I’ve seen, tend to update their hand phones like their wardrobes, updating to the latest model, switching from one phone this month to the other brand the next few month and so on for no apparent reason. Mobiles phones basically has become fashion.

Mobile phones are cheaper now compared to few years before and they are getting more sophisticated than ever, in-fact, the technological advancement seems like it is progressing at an exponential rate, all thanks to the stiff competition out there. Before, it was just unimaginable to see school kids using this technology, but now… even first graders have basic phones in their school bags.

The Beginning…

The first time that I saw someone used a mobile phone, I can’t even remember what age I was. It was a big, bulky mobile phone… looks like a hammer from the vikings, (kid imagination) Few could afford to get one and these few would meet with their business partners at coffee shop, place it on the table and  the waiter would have a hard time finding a spot to serve them their drinks later on due to the size of all that hammer on the table .. They would always talk with an almost ostentatious voice, waving hands frantically as if chasing away flies and saying repetitively.. WHAT,..?? YES..!! OK..!! OK..!! ..  I don’t know why, but probably reception that time was not so good maybe..? … 🙂

The system used was analogue based transmission. ATUR.  Automatic Telephone Using Radio. Cut it short.. It is all hertz and waves, NOTHING digital age yet. Just like the military use when operating their radio in the jungle, that’s why most of these phones can even roam in the deep jungle and still make a call.  Not sure if it is still in used now days.. but I think there are still some application to that needs them.

The first…

First hand phone that I used was an Ericsson, I think the model number is something like EH2xx…the main body, made of steel, the battery was shaped like a casket, and it took half the dimension of the phone.. stand-by time 2 hr .. upgrade a bigger battery and standby time 3 hr .. talk for 30 minutes and your ear would get hot and burning sensation, no SIM card and prepaid, every number was registered and licensed to use that thing.  Those were the time when mobile phones was a luxury item. Those who owned one was considered to be awesome and cool.

not the real model but the shape is basically there

Nokia was the replacement after the Ericsson got damaged, and thus my first Nokia 3210. The rounded non-antenna designs looked kind of weird at first but eventually got used to it (the Ericsson was damaged because the antenna broke). The mobile system was undergoing an upgrade anyway with the introduction of the SIM (subscriber identification module) card, so the need to use a SIM card operated phone is a must. Since then, it was Nokia all the way.  Nokia became the phone of choice ever since, maybe because of the simplicity and user-friendly design. In fact, it was among the first mobile phone brands that hit the market at this early stages.

that screen greeting got embedded in all nokia users..

There were no color screens, just that plain LCD display in mono chrome. Same goes for every one. Simple and practical.

Like many people, my phones came and go, due to many reasons;  Lost, misplaced, stolen and damaged. So this enables me to experience quite a variety of brands, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, and a few more that I can’t even remember, beside the first Ericsson. I find that no other can stand me as long as Nokia phones. I’ve had Nokia phones drop on the ground, tar, cement, fall from the table, into water pools, soaked in rain and all wear and tear imaginable but still able to function nicely. The build design and engineering is just rugged and awesome. In fact, it would not be too much to say that most of my experience with mobile communication is supported by Nokia.

Being able to call and text, basically is just what I seek in a phone, but advancement in technology makes almost every model available, comes built-in with extra features that are not even related to establishing communicating at all. My latest Nokia.. which model number I myself am not sure of because it is not a popular model, is the cheapest one available in the market. It has a LED flash light at the top, which has proven to be very-very handy to me and even my friends at some occasions, and…. 😕 …err, well, that’s just it. Making calls, sms, phonebook, flash light and alarm. Keeps in the pocket so snugly and small, it sometimes get lost in my jean’s pocket. I take it jungle trekking, throw it in the bag and no worries of getting bumped, shock and stressed, always confident the phone won’t fail me when that important call is needed…. It was just perfect. Oh, and I bought this phone to replace my Samsung 3G phone that just broke down that time… 3 years together and still strong. But alas, as time advances…  I was compelled to upgrade to a better more sophisticated phone than one that can just be a flash light… While almost everyone around me are “wi-fi-ing” and going online with their phones, I am still stuck at the stone age…. (exaggerating a little much here..  ), It was time that I catch-up a little. Not because having all that technology at my fingertip is important but all the extra tech, as I’ve observed, can be quite handy sometimes.

To remind myself as why I made this upgrade…

  1.  mobile connect with the internet; (waiting for one e-mail/ FB update does not need you to switch on the laptop…. 😛 )
  2. FB, email, twitter, updates, news, maps, e-book apps (love this the most, catch up my reading anytime even when on the move.
  3. some music, radio, cool games.
  4. and most importantly, organizer, notes, calendar.
  5. and a lot of other things, that still haven’t explored yet.. 😆

the latest…. for, now.

Having all of that in thought, finally I decided to get a new phone… and after some consulting from my other technically savvy peers, sister and brother, I decided to get myself the Samsung galaxy plus “smart phone” (didn’t realized when did telephones became smart..). While others are all leap years advanced in smart phones application, settings and jargons… I had to obtain the help of  the sales person to insert the SIM card in to my brand new phone. On the positive side, there are many helping hands that are willing to give me tips and advise, my personal and practical mobile user manual… 😀 ..

the now and before.

Quite a big leap from the previous model, just been using it for few days now and it’s really an awesome device..  got lots of useful apps and functions which helps. Well since this is new to me also., obviously not my place to comment or say anything. But a beautiful display is one of the amazing thing that the Samsung is very capable of. The only thing that the galaxy lack is the LED flashlight that my previous Nokia had. :D. I am not a tech geek neither a technophobe, often got teased because my “LED Nokia”… and they would coerce me into switching to a better phone but I maintained my grounds and became the only guy with such a primitive phone, maybe I just like to be different from others. Anyway, my experience being able to be part of history, of the Hand Phone evolution since they first came (if not too overstated) is just great. I witnessed the beginning of the mobile phone in analogue, then came the digital age, then the prepaid, after that the 3G phones, where internet browsing is available but limited and awkward, and now the “smart phone” era where almost everything previously done with a PC is doable with just a phone. Wonder what is coming next..?

6 thoughts on “Finally, got a new phone….

  1. Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the source?

    1. welcome.. glad this entry could help. The information provided is from my own personal experience and as accurate as I could provide. However, I can’t get into technical details too much on the previous technologies as I have no valid and proven access to those data.

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