physical training up high

It has been quite some time that I haven’t done any real physical activity and training, so decided to do some mountain climbing for today… Pump up that heart and flex some muscles… The location, where else but santubong mountain, the closest one to home…

Light packed; a bottle of water, towel and shorts (plan to swim at the waterfalls, good exercise) a camera, 17- 50mm lens and tripod.?.. This is supposed to be an exercise but I can’t resist the camera gear, still it is a good weight for the resistance training and it goes into the backpack.

After doing some chores, had a moderate breakfast of noodle and two ½ boiled eggs, I head straight to the mountains, and started climb at 1140Hrs. I estimate the summit at 1510Hrs.. 3½ hrs which should be just right (including the rest and stop’s).

It was just planned to be a straight forward walk… yeah, right..!

hold on, WOW.. ok.. move on. (1300hrs)

who can resist not to stop and enjoy the view for the moment, another 10 minutes gone, setting up the tripod and camera 😉

again.. (1330hrs)

hahaha.. ok, enough pictures..! got to move on, still a long way to go.. 🙄

¤¤¤To make the exercise worthwhile and physically effective, there are some tips that I adhere to;

  • Breathing techniques; control breathing, inhale and exhale at a consistent pace not puffing air in and out too fast.. the lungs needs time to do the exchange, give it time.
  • Drink moderately; consume the fluids at a specific pace and amount at certain intervals.. It does not help if you just gulp the entire bottle only after half-an hour of walking.. so..
  • Hydrate yourself before departure.
  • Eat accordingly before; not to stuff yourself to the point of no-standing-up. Take it easy on the fuel tank..
  • walk at a constant pace progressively; this is not a race of life or death, so why the hurry… !
  • Don’t push too hard; depends on individuals.. the body has it limits, excessive force can lead to a breakdown and at the middle of the jungle, the mechanics are not available.

conclusion to all of that above, DISCIPLINE. to be able to have self-control and maintain your own self-motivation is also key. (discipline myself not to take anymore picture 😀 )

1515hrs – The summit. I reached my target in good time, and stopped for a break just 3 times for a drink while on the climb. Didn’t feel all that tired and quite surprise myself as to the small amount of fluid consumed but still, the body still needs a refill even though the brain has no trigger for thirst, I suspect probably due to the weather at that time which was not so hot as usual. Hang around at the summit, had a good rest enjoyed the view, and of course some pictures to share.

the ocean ripple was awesome.. 1537hrs
aircraft on descent

While hanging around doing some “research” at the summit, I overheard a jet plane passing by, coming for descent. The santubong mountain is straight below one of the standard aircraft routes here.

forgot about the sun..

took the picture quite fast and forgot about the sun, I focused with the view finder (about 1.5 seconds), and was lucky that my eyes didn’t hurt after that… It did got blurred for a while though..(NEVER aim at the sun..  😳 )


the last picture just before going down.

1610Hrs-  Time to go down. It is quite a risk starting at the top this late.. (sunset is about 1830Hrs this time of year).. walking dark in the forest at night is NOT a good idea… But I made a calculation that the time it would take to get down would be just half the time to climb, that is if you are moving fast (fast pace, short run, minimum stops/rest and of course no pictures.. 😀 ). So the estimate was about.. 1 Hrs 45 min, estimate to reach base at 1755Hrs. However the actual time it took was shorter, I reached my car at 1740Hrs 15 minutes earlier than schedule. It was not easy, the legs was really taking a beating and I was out of breath, but after a quick rest and some fresh coconut drink,  everything is fine.

Since the beach is near, I decided to catch some sunset scene, but sadly nature wasn’t all co-operative that day, and all I got was just some crap..

not so dramatic..

The day ended good and I am very satisfied at the outcome… tomorrow, maybe a jog or a few hours at the Gym… Still haven’t decide yet…  😕

Keep healthy and fit.. exercise…discipline… no shortcuts.©

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