Golfing around

With no knowledge about golf or anything to do about it, It is a game that is so alien and seems so far reached… Never ever hold a club in my life, I don’t watch golf on tv and with no knowledge what so ever. It is a totally different alien world to me….  Sitting down with friends and listen them talking about golf, and then comes out all the terms like bogey, eagle, putt.? handicap, bla bla bla..  with not even a word that I understand.. … 🙂 .. It was something that I had no interest and ambition of doing at all.

But the feeling of adventure, and experimenting took over me. So one day I followed my friend to the driving range and had  a go at it.. well, I just wanted to experience what it was like to hit that ball. How hard can it be right..????

After some persuasion with my friend at the office, I went to the driving range nearby after work, even giggled at myself when I parked the car because the idea being there was quite funny to me.  My friend was already there with just 3 clubs which I think was numbered like 5,7,9 (I think..  ). There was only 5 people including us at that time, as it was late evening and at a weekday anyway. So most of the “Golf” population must be working or haven’t got out from their  office. One of the “privileges” of my job is that the working hours makes extra curricular activity times strangely isolated from those normal office hours.

He showed me the techniques and how-to do it…. within half an-hour lesson I learned to hold the club, bend my knees, bend forward, twist my hip, body and arm, keep that left arm straight and not move the head or you wont be able to hit that ball properly, keep the left leg still, how to do this, how to do that, why the ball is going there, why here and it seems that there is a technique to everything and anything related to hitting that ball..!! I mean WOW..!.. so much detail and instruction just to whack that damn ball..? ok fine, keep cool… I concentrated, practiced a few swings, shadowing, and after about 20-30 minutes finally had the confidence in me to place that ball on the green carpet.. It was nice. the ball went up and quite far ( I think.. )  my friend said it is a good hit, don’t know if it was the truth or just to keep me going..but I didn’t care and just grinned. At least the club didn’t fling off my hand. 😀

After 2 hours and about 20 balls, a lot of misses than hit,  and sore on a few of my phalanges , we head home. I was quite happy and amused at the technicality that this simple looking game had to offer.

The next day, my friend bought his set of golf clubs to the office.. it was a beginners set, graphite or so I think, he said not much for distance but good for practice and accuracy if I remembered correctly, offered to sell it to me for 1/3 of the original price and after some very persuasive sweet talk, I made a deal with him and soon was the third-hand owner of a 12 pice set .. :-D… I am still giggling when writing this.  😀


first set


Now having a set of my own.. my friend again invited to the driving range, this time at a golf course nearby my home.. So after attending a wedding reception that sunday, we head to the golf course. I used the same “technique” my friend used on me to invite another friend to come along so now there are three of us that day… :P. Sounds like some MLM* scheme. Don’t know if I should get her to buy a set for herself or not…  The golf course, very nice scene and all at that time, had a tournament going on and I was a bit intimidated when going there… It was a large area and It was not the kind of place that was openly available to the public, but still, I was smiling and giggling to myself when thinking how on earth I get to be doing this in the first place. We arrived there at a hot afternoon, the sun was hot and cloudless.. had a drink and soon the game was on.

the second time at the range..

Never thought that one day that I’d be Holding a golf club or at the driving range… trying to drive that small white ball sending it to far away land..  but, here I am at the driving range, hitting that small white ball and the feeling when succeeding to send it away was really nice. There are a lot more to golf than what we can see, you just have to experience it first to know how it is really like but anyway,  It was a fun afternoon for the three of us, worth the times and effort and truthfully, the future of golf for me is still uncertain. Playing the course may not come soon.. (I expect one to two full year at the driving range, before even trying to play the real game.. ) or I might as well get bored and try some other game that I have never think of. Who knows, I will be probably doing another entry about golf one year from now and I might be the next Tiger Woods.?…. 😀 😀 😀

*MLM- multi level marketing


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