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Always wanted to ramble about food, things and favorite places locals eat… It is everyone needs and essentials. But, to have a story, there must be pictures, and to get the pictures takes some time. So… sis suggested to start this food blog project, which begins on the 4th october 2011, and finally published  1½ month later. Bon appétite..

We begin at satok area. An open air food court, known formally as “benteng” . A popular night spot in town.

During the weekends, the night market there are active, that’s the time when the customers eating out would multiple a tenfold, the atmosphere would be so busy, chaotic and finding a seat can be a stressful thing. The stalls have been there no less 30 years, tell-tale signs can be seen on the roads tarmac and walkway surfaces. Grease from cooking oils, and signs of all the years of night activity, marks the surfaces. Various types of dish are available, and among the popular are BBQ /grilled chicken, mee kolok(noodle), satay, plus a whole lot more to offer. Nothing exotic and extreme, just the normal typical dish that satisfies the palate.

  • ——————————————————————————–

Passed by words of mouth from one to the other, One of the well-known favorite among locals here is stall no5, popular of its tasty mee kolok, and soup.

stall no 5
  • ——————————————————————————–

Burger stalls are also available, and a few can be seen just a stone throw to each other.  The competition is there but they seems to be doing business in harmony, customers are always abundant and never-ending till 12 midnight.

The price is relatively cheaper than McD’s as well and the best part, we can customize the order to our taste. Customer would have to wait about 5-20 minutes depending on the volume that time.

  • —————————————————————————————————-

Buhari Cafe, established in 1976, is popular with their trademark the nasi briyani,  a yellowish rice due to the ingredients it is cooked with.  Until now, there is only one outlet in the Satok area, and as the owner said, they could only open one outlet to maintain the quality and standards it still holds today. There are 2 menus for the briyani, which is the chicken briyani and the mutton briyani.

take-away..? less than 10 seconds.

Every day at lunch time, expect the outlet to be packed with patrons, waiting for their orders to come, be warned, finding a place to sit might will be a hassle.

  • —————————————————————————————————-

Enjoying mamak rojak ;a plate of fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard-boiled eggs, bean sprouts, cuttlefish and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut gravy. The secret lies in the peanut gravy, If the gravy is good, than the experience will be awesome. Rojak “master chefs” are commonly found in the peninsular, especially Penang. I had a chance to visit Penang, few month back and taste the rojak there (they call it “pasembor“) and it was just WOW.! . But still if unable to go to Penang, the best so far here is found at a stall in the Satok area, Located inside Kueh Fah Cafe (behind Buhari cafe); also with a WOW factor..!  There are also a few types or rojak, for example,  the fruit rojak and rojak Penang. The word “rojak” has also been adapted to carry the meaning, ‘mixed’ in Malay. The stall opens morning and closes at afternoon, and at the Kubah Ria food court lot:21, afternoon 5:30pm-8:00pm.

the stall
the location


-“take five” something just for viewing… 🙂

this is not my video, borrowed from you tube..

Pasembor taken in Penang.

Fun food, yes.?  🙂 , just taste it first and see. ( sheesh… that cleaver looks really sharp 😯 )…. Anyway, I don’t know how good the youtube rojak is, haven’t met him yet.

  • —————————————————————————————————
Nearby the Satok wet market on the eastern side there is an eating which always seems to be busy and bustling with patrons, an indication that this is among the favorite eateries here. The owner, Yan, have been operating for 6 years, providing dishes for breakfast and lunch such as fried noodle, mee jawa, roti canai, mee kolok and serve drinks with a large glass with just a fraction more than that of the average price.
yan's cafe
  • —————————————————————————————————

Although rice is the staple food here, bread, pastries, cakes, are also consumed by locals in a quantifiable amount. Their supply of bread is obtained from various bakeries and one of the most famous is Mita Cake House. They make various types of bread and pastries including cakes, freshly baked every day and those that aren’t sold for that day is discarded or auctioned at late evening, even though expiry dates are still 2-3 days. What’s certain, there are many Mita outlets around the city, and finding one nearby is not a problem.

the earliest outlet opened.
  • —————————————————————————————————-

Another place nice to go when eating out and enjoying authentic Malaysian food, is gerai kak pah no:9 located beside Arif Hotel.

What’ special here is the Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Gulai Kawah (They also make really nice soup).  Nasi Kerabu, popular at the east coast peninsular Malaysia,  is a blueish rice, normally comes in a set with includes, dried fish/ fried chicken,fish chip, a spoon fool of traditional “budu” (anchovies sauce) and other greens veges’.

The unique colors are traditionally from a flower called bunga telang, however sometimes due to the unavailability of this flower, the substitute which might be coloring may also be used (but a sacrifice on the taste and authenticity of course). Laksam, also a traditional dish from the east coast peninsular Malaysia. The main ingredient which looks like rice flour and wheat flour. Gravy ingredients are made, mainly from coconut milk, fish(boil, mashed and saturated) plus all the basic garnishing.

always busy
  • —————————————————————————————————-

Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup, which is a merger of Chinese and Malay elements found in Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia. There are two basic types of laksa; curry laksa and asam laksa. Curry laksa is a coconut curry soup with noodles, while asam laksa is a sour fish soup with noodles. Thick rice noodles also known as laksa noodles are most commonly used, although thin rice vermicelli (bee hoon or mee hoon) are also common.

Laksa Sarawak, uses the thin variant, and one of the best place to have a taste here, is at the Golden Arch food court.

It’s location quite hidden and secluded, and the parking space limited, sold only in the morning, and normally the food is sold out in the afternoon, just before lunch. This particular outlet, have been awarded as one of the “Top 50 best laksa outlet in Malaysia 2009/2010“. The taste of chicken and curry fused together and well blended makes the taste just unforgettable. To describe it by words would be unjust.

  • —————————————————————————————————-

Ayam Penyet“, a dish created of deep-fried chicken mix with spices, and few other unknown “secret” ingredients; coupled with “sambal” (hot spicy, sauce), and some “ulam” (raw veges, normally blanched), and of course, eaten with rice. The origin of the recipe, is still claimed by a few, which at one time caused an international debate in the papers few month back 🙄 ( therefore, I can’t elaborate much about the origins of this dish). Apparently, I don’t really care, just want to eat it and enjoy the food. 🙂 and the winner so far is the stall co-located with the “Satay Ceko Cafe“. located nearby the National bank, and many office complex nearby, I’d go there before or after lunch hour ends to avoid sitting problem. Satay Ceko opens in the afternoon and at night.

the shop
Preparing customer's orders
ayam penyet

I just love the “sambal“. Not too hot, just nice, with a bit of sweetness and tangy flavor in it, the chicken which is fried just before serving, succulent and soft but crunchy on the outside. With an accreditation from most (a lot actually 😉 ) of my friends that have eaten here, this is among the best place that you can get ayam penyet . According to the owner, they have 2 outlets in Kuching including this one, with the second outlet at Kubah Ria food court. Lot 16 (if not mistaken. Got to check on this first. forgot my pen, 😳 )

Those mentioned previously are just a few of the various food outlets that would be able to impress, maybe not all, but most of those that are looking for a nice place to eat. As a reference or guide, this article might be useful and there is nothing to lose trying them out.



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