A Cat Day

 The 4th international cat show recently, was at the civic centre in Kuching. There was about 120 entries from the common available breed that we can around here.. .. cats are fun and very playful.. A friend who owns as persian, sometimes goes travelling, would occasionally ask me to cat sit for a while. It is one of the most fun things to do at home.

Adopt a pet, safe a life.  SSPCA. Sarawak society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Cat cat cat… they’re cute, fuzzy, playful and a great companion..

However I got to confess .. I do like dogs better though.. especially the Siberian Husky, so handsome and macho…. Maybe it’s because dogs are more helpful than cats? that they can help and do work? Where as cats are really good for company, quiet playful cute cuddly.?

Back to the story..

The show, a program joint organised by various organisations such as the Municipal Council, SSPCA, The cat museum, Sarawak Cat club and lots of other sponsors. Also present are international judges from the cat fanciers association.. This year the judges are Bob Zenda, Wain Harding, Diana Rothermel and Allan Raymond. Each was assigned their own ring, where in each ring would inspect and do the judging professionally and meticulously inspecting each cat. They take the participants, place them on the platform and inspect the fur, face, nails etc. After that check for reaction, tease the cat and observe for the response. When they are done, they place back the cats in the cage, and wipe the platform and clean their hand with sanitizer before handling the next cat. I myself was quite astonished to the serious nature of this business. Well, they do joke around and tease the cat. (teasing the cats to check the responses and etc.) and afterwards recording and giving their ribbon to the best one among the batch being check..

Then there was the cat show. Paraded in costumes. Only 6 entries but it was OK. Not too many and congested, makes the viewing nice, flawless and quick. Still there was a bit of drama.


One cat got afraid, “stage fright”, maybe, jumped down the stage and ran off, really run! every one got a hard time trying to catch the cat. Maybe he was just uncomfortable, being draped and wrapped all around that textile, all those around didn’t manage to catch the cat… superb manoeuvring capability. Really fun to watch. Too bad didn’t manage to photograph it. Even though cats are smaller than a dog, cats run very fast. Very agile and fast.

The event was for a day only and it went on for about 7 hours that day. Most of the cats was sleeping and exhausted by the end of the day probably from all the attention they got. During the ending there was a group of kids performing  a  cat dance routine, or so it was called… mimicking cats movement and makeup. It was entertaining and fun to watch. Anyway, it was a good day for cats lovers and next year, I’m sure the event is going to be bigger.


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