the long BREAKFAST….

Good morning…

While having breakfast, of bread and some peanut butter…  I wanted to cut the crust off the bread. Got the knife and begin slicing the sides…. the bread dragged and turned out a bit squished… “Hmm.. the darn thing’s blunt. Never mind, let’s sharpen it”, and thus I began to sharpen the knife with a sharpening stone… while at it, I remembered when I was a teen… I like to sharpen knives for the kitchen…. when ever free doing nothing and the knives needs sharpening… mum would ask me to sharpen the knives and I would go and look for all the knives that I can find and sharpen them all. After an hour or so, she would say…. “stop.! stop!…. it’s too sharp already”… Huh?? Always wondered how sharp is too sharp.  Anyway, I must admit that my skills sharpening knives is a bit different from others… not that I get any formal education in knives sharpening or what so ever, but the knives turn out razor sharp…incredibly sharp.! The repetition movement and rhythm of the blade when grinding it somewhat mesmerizing and gets kind of hypnotically subduing.

How I do it..?

1) Start with a rough surface of the sharpening stone, It grinds the blade faster. Find an optimum angle of the blade with the surface of the stone…

normally this would be 45 degrees or less… but of course not zero degrees.. finding that angle itself is by feel of the hand and hearing the scratching sound of the surfaces. When I get that specific angle and position after a few strokes.. keep my wrist and arms as constantly as possible.

2) the movement of the blade when sharpening.. there are many ways.. I normally place the stone on a surface, making sure it wont move about and.. hold the handle with one hand..and the tip of the knife with the other hand.

we can choose to sharpen the blade perpendicular with the stone (1) or the simple forward and backward thrust (2) or with a slight angled movement.. as in (3) or (4)… I prefer no (3) and (4) when sharpening longer knives as it would maintain a constant angle through out the blades… during this procedure, maintain a constant angle on the blade and the stone or else the process would just damage the knife…..

3) After appropriate sharpening, which would take about 15 minutes depending on the quality of the stone..  polish with the finer surface of the sharpening stone. But this time… I would make only a one way stroke/ direction… It can be what ever way… forward or backwards. Descriptively, I begin from the heel of the blade (the one closest to the handle), and then pull the blade backwards as in fig (4) until the tip, then change the side of the blade and repeat the process…  this cycle is done again and again till the appropriate polish is obtained.  The force used to rub the surface is also less than the initial sharpening… and sometimes.. I would just hold the sharpening stone in one hand and the knife in the other.

Now.. where’s my bread.? yes.!! success. the flawless cutting motion and perfection.. NICE.!! :))

ps: after 15min grinding the knife and another 30 minutes or so, I think… #!@! .. , setting up the camera, tripod, lighting, to capture that .. “O.M.G  it’s SO…. beautiful.!!!” picture of the knife above… ↑


2 thoughts on “the long BREAKFAST….

  1. hahahaaa. . . great. . . funny n yup. . . really nice pix. . . that bread also yummie. . . ;)))))
    u always got a great word n ide. . .that what i like bout ur blog. . .keep it up. . . anyway i’m ur “kipas susah mati” heheheee. . .

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