Getting the Garlic right..

Groceries shopping, part of our daily chores… seems pretty easy and straight forward yes.?
go to the market. >read the shopping list, > cashier and you’re done… well there’s always something behind the scene and here’s just one of it…
One day, I followed mom to the market… (wha..?¿?¿ …  ps: during the younger days I always tagged along, lots to see at the market… It has been some time that I haven’t went to the market with mom anyway, there was nothing to do plus I need to drive the car too )

While waiting and waiting… she asked me to help her – pick some garlic. She told me what to look for and how to select the good ones.. didn’t realize there was quite an elaborate process in selecting garlic. I always know that her standards was always higher than mine, because when she checks for something, it often takes time,.. each is hand-picked, turned and twisted around, felt  in the hands and scrutinised.. only the best went through…

After a short brief tutorial on how to pick a garlic, and about 10-15min selecting from the heap…from the one kilos I baged, about 8 of them was rejected. I guess that’s pretty good in terms of performance.

Thinking back about this, all the care and details she puts down when doing chores, cooking (not like “hells kitchen” level yet but still very meticulous at certain aspects) cleaning etc… Perhaps that’s why all the things that she made or do was always nice and different. In fact when she’s the one that selects the bread or cakes from the bakery… it would always tasted nicer than the ones that I picked, 😀 .. I guess this is just to show that even the littlest things that we do when done in care and detail can bring significant difference later on…  🙂


And some info about the setup of  “garlic”

Flash set at 1/64 remote trigger. Shutter:1/125 Aperture:4.0 Iso:200

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