a bowl of soup

with a story..

Among my favorite dishes is soup… I always favored soup since I was a little kid, they are easy to eat, simple to prepare and just love that watery taste, plus.. soup adds fluids to your body.  But what about this particular bowl.? well, this bowl revokes memories. To me at least…

 I remembered the taste about 15 years ago.. the same taste texture and smell, of mutton soup…  Sold by an old man at PJ… He would set up his stall, his mobile tricycle, late in the afternoon where we can eat there or have the option for take-away. 

At that time, good soup like this was a luxury to have, since I was just a student and not having a stable income yet, having a tasty soup for dinner is like a treat. That bowl would give the ultimate satisfaction, a rejuvenation after a day’s ordeal. I became a regular and would complement his soup being the best that I’ve ever had. 

He told me the tedious process and time it takes to make a pot. 8-10 hours preparation and cooking! …. His sale is limited because he can’t produce more than what he can carry on his tricycle, and so if you are late, sometimes they are sold out just at 9pm. I always get disappointed if I missed my timing. 

After a while, I moved out, and was unable to enjoy his dish as regular as I used to. Still when ever I think of soup, the first place in my mind was that stall. It wasn’t until months later, I had the chance to get back to that special place, I went to that usual spot and discovered that he no longer sells there. The nearby food hawkers said he passed away, just few weeks before… I nodded, solemnly, and left that spot. How things can change in a short instant…

I guess life is also in a way like that… A bowl of soup… We can never tell how many piece of meat we have inside and realised how good it is until that last piece. Enjoying every spoon feed to the last drop. Savour the moment when it is still warm and taste all the goodness. Be grateful because we never know when all that will end. Well,for a bowl of soup, there are always refills and other places where we can get some more… other alternatives or location. Just need to find them and then we get on our way with a full tummy… Wouldn’t life be simple if it was just like a bowl of soup?


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