landscape part 2

Landscape all around….

In part 1, I said good-bye to the sun, sunset scenes. For this part, its landscape by day or the night. Buildings, city-scape, scene, can be done by day or night. However, I prefer the darker hours to do buildings, as the lights display are so much better..  Buildings are landmarks and brings historical significance.. they last a long time and since they are always there… we tend to ignore that and take it for granted… If travelling to new places, it makes sense to take pictures of unique architecture designs and structures and take home those momentos as records of your travel.. To get cool pictures that is another story, the time-consuming process work and effort is sometime too tedious to handle. But it’s all part of a photographer life.

The picture is taken on an overhead road.. It was night and I had to stop my car by the road side to take pictures on the bridge. The location of where we take the pictures also makes for a good picture.. Sometimes we are lucky to find a good spot and sometimes we are not.. that’s why when I sight one, I’ll remember that spot and come later. Or just stop and take pictures.   At another angle and closer view, the scene just changes.. even with the same subject, that’s why moving around and being a little bit more hardworking always pays off…

Historical landmarks, and heritage… even though not much is left of it, but people still will take pictures of it, so why wait it to be in ruins.

nature scenes landscapes, makes interesting composition.. they are a bit harder to get as you need to go far and deep in the jungle, trekking for hours and then you are able to take pictures, but all that comes with a reward that only you can claim.

waterfalls, river, sea, streams, maybe its interesting because of all the water flow movement, reflection… but I like to be there because of the peace and calm surroundings.. Anyway, all the places when we go and been there.. regardless when we are alone or when we are there with friends.. the best and sweetest thing is that it will always be in our memories…

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