serikin, a set on Flickr.

some pictures about serikin, a small place near the border of indonesia(kalimantan) 40 minutes drive from the city. Many people come here to buy things from indonesia which is regarded as cheap. Visitors normally come from far and near… It is really unique here, as there are all sorts of things that can be bought. Items that is sold here sometimes are hard to find it else where, and being able to buy at bulk quantities makes this place a hot spot.. The owners who come from across the border  are given permission to trade on saturday and sundays only. They brings their merchandise and at sunday just before noon… when their permit expires, pack-up their things and keeps the unsold goods at rented space, which is provided by the locals.

Mr Hadi and his wood carvings

Mr Hadi, sells woods carvings. He said Business depends on the time of the month.. peak season is during early month and holidays. He’s been doing business for nine years and still going strong. As most of his friends, the unsold goods are kept at storage when he gets back to his village about 15 minutes journey.

shining wok

wok, traditional cooking wok made of steel. all sizes and types.. wait till you see the pots pans, and all other kitchen utensils that I dont know the name of.

some of the things sold here..

includes kitchen-ware, furniture(rattan), I didn’t see wood furnitures though. Fruits, vegetables, few medicines, guitars, clothes, footwear, fashion apparel, traditional house decorations. bamboo mats and carpets, jewelry(fake ones..) .etc etc…. more like an all in one shop. Just simply amazing.


rings with all types of stones and are believed to have enchanting powers.. I never tried them.  but it is interesting to see.

Kain songket.

“kain songket ” woven textiles, used as decorations, worn on clothes. Are woven form gold colored threads.. and are hand made.. the motives are unique and takes time to finish one piece.


Since most of them are doing business together, they get close and acquaintance with each other very well… mingling around and walking about you can sense the relationships that these people have.

illegal stuff

turtles eggs.. also sold discretely here and offered by word of mouth, the seller would come and whisper at you, carefully selecting those that they approach… sad but true, these are sold at abundance… I can see the hidden items carried in bags to disguise them from the open public, showing that the demand for these exotic items are still high…  there could have  been hundreds of them that are sold to the eagerly public… all it needs is for every one to stop buying them and we have done our part to save the population.


street photography here is fun to do… there is always interesting things to see.. Serikin has always received visitors that bring their camera… so they are quite familiar with being in front of the lenses already. This man, drunk early in the morning and can’t even talk and stand without being held by his partner. I guess he was bored waiting for his group finishing shopping. 🙂 .

That odd shaped, bamboo weaved cage is called “bubu” . Used by submerging it underwater and then, fish trapped will be collected at a later time.
some stone made kitchen utensils- taditional grinders and mortars. Various shapes and size.
Nearing afternoon here, it gets sunny and really hot.. Getting sunburn is a sure thing if not taking precaution.. I can see almost all the visitors here wear hats/umbrella over their head. your shadow would disappear under you. Could it be the geographical location.?
Guess..?? here, nothing is authentic. The quality is far from satisfactory and you better bargain good and really low. Prada, gucci… I’ve seen them all.
This was bought on the way to serikin, which is sold at the stalls by the road side. The glutinous rice is cooked in a pitcher plant, A traditional method of cooking rice practices by one of the locals tribe here. Maybe it’s me or the cook, but I find that the pitcher plant do not contribute to the taste and aroma to the food, it would taste the same if cooked normally. The red rice is from red paddy which is easily found here.

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