fear of the dark..

I am the man who walks alone
And when I’m walking a dark road
At night or strolling through the park

When the light begins to change
I sometimes feel a little strange
A little anxious when it’s dark

…. iron maiden. fear of the dark..

Cool song.. 😀 .. “I am the  man who walks alone” .. That part is mostly true.. Doing photography is sometimes a lonely hobby and, working alone, is usually the best option at hand, because non photographers will find it hard to understand when I spend 10 minutes (approx) staring at something so “lame” or just going around and around in circles at something or some place, looking real weird…

tried going in circles in a totally dark cave..? . I did, and it was fun.. ! (weird.??)

Ψ Straight to the point.. the picture is taken at “wind cave“. Not all that big and gargantuan… 30 minutes walk and you are done.. But still, the textures and structure of the whole nature is an interesting sight to see and experience. Bat droppings, stinking smell and the such are also part of the “experience” to enjoy…


Have you run your fingers down the wall
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
When you’re searching for the light?
Sometimes when you’re scared to take a look
At the corner of the room
You’ve sensed that something’s watching you..

yeah.. that same feeling when you’re a lone in a cave.. your foot steps echoes and you can hear your own breathing… bats flying over your head and their wings flapping in the dark.. You can’t see them but you can hear them… Don’t worry, bats won’t crash into you, they got radars and can avoid you at amazing precision.

Dark, blind.. I can’t even see my hands… adjusting the aperture and setting controls of my camera became a challenge.  With a tripod and using the timer trigger, exposure time set to 30 sec… one flash at hand (mobile) and the other hand your flashlight (to see where my legs are ..) the picture is taken strobe-like. Fire away as far and as much and as far as you can go within that 30 sec. Of Course the professionals would use multiple light source and 3 assistant with him to get the job done, so the results would be tenfold better than this one, but I am just doing this for fun and love. ♥ .

more pictures at my sets in flickr… wind cave and fairy cave. don’t fear the dark… it just misses the lights.


6 thoughts on “fear of the dark..

  1. Love d pix…really nice angle n lighting…I have been there wif my hubby…but our pix not that good to share… Wind Cave, one of the most attraction place in Sarawak and must visit… Next time I hope I can go there again, of course with my hubby…n I want you MR.. to be our photographer…will you…hehheeehee….

  2. Pernah masok gua 2 kali… 1st time wind cave… 2nd gua niah…!!! Enjoyed jalan dlm geLap… meraba & t’raba2 jak…!!!!.. tapi dgn kawan2 lah..!!! mun sorang2…. i have to think 100x times !!!

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