climbing mountains are easy…

I have been climbing Santubong mountain (2800 feet above sea level ), trekking through the forest trails many time, again and again… why.?

 that’s for you to find out… :D.. However, to share, some of the jungle experience, you are welcome to read on…

 The climb is not easy(I admit it), about 3 hours of moving (non-stop) and at the last ¼way up (≈ 800 feet left to go) is near all vertical climb, of course there are ladders and ropes to assist you… So, to the hardcore x-treme sports people, it’s not that much of a challenge, but for those of you who gets giddy when climbing a 20-story building using the stairways you should think again. BUT not trying if given the chance is a real waste… try it first and if all efforts is poured out and dried up.. make a turn and return home.. it’s that simple right..?

posed shot.. with tripods and some ropes.

I am not an x-treme sportman myself… During my first climb, I took the LONG  #$%$ing.!! way (take note : that’s 7 hours movement..!! ), that time .. I didn’t know that there was a shorter route.  I almost fainted and died… seriously. But, my determination, and will power to finish the climb was so great, it finally overcome all the tiredness and pain in my legs and eventually managed to reach the peak… (my legs hurt for a week after that)

Now.. that was very “motivating” … and for the fun part… Lovely jungle scene, trees, bush, roots, mosquitoes, woods, humidity, rocks, dirt, dry leaves… the whole package is there for you to enjoy… The tranquility, peace and quiet.. priceless.  The feeling of being alone is just sometime so nice that there is no way to describe it in words… I am away from all the nonsense and chaos of life, all to myself and free to daydream for all I can.

Trekking the jungles is fun and very good for the health, personally, I am always rejuvenated when returning from such trips even though the activity is so tiring. Maybe that’s why I am “addicted” doing this. Taking photos while trekking the jungle is somewhat a side effect.. my photography are just general scenes of the landscapes and have no intention on focusing the details of the forest inhabitants or bear any educational purposes… If I get lucky and my eye catch some interesting plants/ flower/ tree/ insects/ animals, I take pictures and if not, I move along and finish my walk. I just enjoy the beauty and respect nature. Let the ecosystem run it’s course and don’t mess with it…

Exploring the jungle and sight-seeing is really something different and interesting to do. When done alone.. it gets really exciting… people always ask, “aren’t you afraid or worried?” then, I wonder, what is there to be scared of…? really, there is nothing there, no tigers, no beast or (ghost) ? hmm.. Don’t you think it is more dangerous if there were real people.?? those that can really physically hurt and harm you..??  think about that :D. but take care… they are snakes, scorpions and centipedes (lipan).. still, those critters are small and most of the time they are the ones that are trying to get away from being squashed by us.


I’m lucky that I am able to do all this, enjoying nature and sight-seeing scenes, taking beautiful pictures,  but having the experience personally being there is the real prize. Nothing can beat that. During one of my climb… I came across workers that was working on the maintenance and restoration of the guide ropes. They carried all the ropes, woods for the step-ladder and other equipment by foot up the mountains and do all the restoration. It was a real sight to see them doing the work. The energy and effort put up here is just super.! . Looking them at work that time, makes me feel more appreciative of all that I see and have here. I should have documented and pictured them working the mountain slopes.


  Here, I am taken back to ancient times…. the surrounding are so primitive, and I feel as if I am at a different world altogether… The rocks formation and roots that engulf the rocks after hundreds of years, trees growing from within the stones, such an interesting sight to see. Too bad that I can’t take pictures of everything.  lights and time constraints, If I was on assignment and had a good funding, well that might be different.


Waterfalls, streams and river here.. just waiting to be explored… most of them are not accessible because of the landscape and thick forest… I have been lost here about three times already, not seriously lost for days.. just lost track of the trail and route because it can be confusing at some point and place, the trail is almost invisible and hidden… be very carefull and cautious of where you are going, get ready to retrace your steps… people have been lost and found after few days.. I can’t recall any death here though, so I can’t conform on the statistics… Santubong jungle is said to be a bit “hard / possessed” ? is that the right word..?? (dlm bahasa melayu.. keras la…) .Well, as said.. I think all jungle is “keras” .. and we just have to watch out our manners and attitude here, so as not to piss-off the jungle spirit… (cant’ remember how many times I pissed in the jungle myself ).

nice cool

Usually I don’t stop at one  place and like to walk and move on.. It’s a form of physical training to me as well.. But, the waterfall scenes and atmosphere, is just too good to pass…. I just can’t resist after a three-hour walk, not take a bath feeling the cool waters, enjoying the scene and hearing the sound of water flowing down stream from up the mountains. The whole process and experience, is so meditating and →{Why do I always come here.? . }

more pictures sets are on flickr.. santubong mountain..don’t expect me to upload everything.. !!

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