Landscapes part 1

goodnight sun .

I don’t have any plans, vission or idea (yet) for part-2, but somehow I feel that to be on the safe side… it is better that I name this preceding entry part-one, as I am quite certain the sequel will be coming at a short while.. not soon, but… sure to come. 😀

Anyway.. all the bla-bla aside.. this is the story behind the scenes of some of my pictures… not the award winning gallery but those photos that had me going and feeling good…

I was driving around looking for a landscape scene… it was getting late in the afternoon and planned to get some sunset pictures. I arrived at this village, looked up to the sky and forecast the sun position later on and scanned the beach…  Due to the rainy seasons, I hadn’t taken a sunset picture for quite some time… My fingers just itched to press the shutter button for something good.. This is my first time here, the villagers looked with curiosity,  “who on earth is this stranger wondering at their village with a tripod

and backpack ? ” … I see the beach, nice and all open space.. no one in the water but just some fishing boats at a distant pier…. 2 teenagers, came out from their house which is just by the beach,  and stood watching at a distant…. Getting worried that I was trespassing some private property….

I waved and nodded as a sign of good gesture… (far to say hello anyway). I keep on walking further up the beach closer to them, and within hearing distant, one of them said that the way I am heading was a no-access area, the tide was rising and I can see from the traces that If the tide was high, I’d be cut-off and had to waddle back in some water to the point where I started … I told them that I’ll just be there for a short while and if I’m not back in 1/2 and hour…. come and help me.. :)..  I walked until I reached the limit and found the best spot that I can think of… set my tripod on sand and with the sea waves dissipating under my feet… took the shot as fast as possible. The ocean sound, breeze and smell is so calm and peacefull, being there alone and enjoying the scene, looking at the waves pattern soothes and calms the soul within… to the point that you forget all your worries and problems…sometimes I wish that I’d never leave…  It was 15 minutes walk back to the “safe” area I estimate, and made it in time. Taken at Kg santubong, a very small and closed village near the santubong  mountain. All the dead tree branch and garbage added something to the scene I guess.


Seeking for the unique spot, something different, took me here and this scene.. I was lucky that day. This was at an abandoned pier under the bridge, a bit far from the city centre… Secluded and far from the public.. it is not a location where you want to be alone.!  Well, first I was alone.. then came 2 strangers, they were there for the fishing. Relieved that I have some company, I  continued my business with “some” caution. From the main road, I had to walk through the mushy, wet soil and grass to get here.. My shoes, soaked and soiled but it was worth it.. The sky was clear,  I set-up my equipment and waited. Then, the magic begins-the horizon began to changed colors at first a tint of blue then, to orange(orange is not even a colour..) and then gradually red and ready for dark.. both pictures of the red cityscape and the bridge are taken at the same day and at the same location.. The way nature changes is just amazing… observe and absorb the feeling.


Another standard scene of the official residence.. A cliché shot. But all the same, it has its moments.. sometimes the scene is just, well… perfect. You can just feel it within you… How do we know.?? we have to be there… That’s what makes landscape photography.  The feel that day:- calm winds that makes a great reflection of the water , clear sky and ambient lights providing the best illumination of the landscape and the blue clear sky, birds returning home, flying in formation… everything seems to be  in harmony…   I’ve been here many times and each time is always an experience…


Sunsets… all so common and so overstated but yet, I would bet that it is the most taken picture when it comes to landscapes scenes… Maybe because it is so predictable yet at the same time so grand and powerful. Witnessing the transformation of the world where everything that we see in light turns to dark. That brief phase and transition moment…  This was just the same. While just looking at the setting sun on the far horizon,low hazed clouds and clear sky.. I can actually see the round shaped fireball moving and slipping slowly but closer, as if leaving the sky trying to hide beyond the horizon.. The scene was just breathtaking and spectacular. The serene feel, calm and maybe sorrow as we say goodnight to the sun…

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