My little Story

I like street photography..

My fist picture that I took, was using my father’s kodak ektramax. it uses a 110 film

I didn’t know if it was the build design or if it was the camera itself, or if it was because I was just a small boy who liked toys gadgets, but I like to have it in my hands .

When I first got interested in photography, I was, 18. A magazine that my friend showed, dazzled me with the pictures printed in glossy paper.. those pages, took me to places that was beyond my imagination, expanded my mind and gave me a different view of the world.. Since then, I began to seek good pictures”.. and often ask myself the question, why am I attracted to this? why is this different? what is happening here.?. I simply enjoyed looking at pictures.

Only a few years back that I become really serious about photography. I studied and learned about photography and started to invest in equipments and became more active. Landscape, nature and candid scene are my preferences. I like the natural and reality that the photos portrayed. I didn’t like posed shot, studio shoots, product’s or all the like. I was most interested in real scene and situation.


This picture was taken when i was just strolling at night, without my tripod, I placed my camera on a stone bench, level it with anything I had, or picked up rom the ground, and took the shot. There were some wedding preparations done by the lake and the reflections and colors just compliments the landscape’s foreground.


the mystery

When I saw her, she was calmly sitting, not even leaning on the wall, waiting for people to buy her vegetable’s that she displays on the sidewalk and watching people passing by. I stepped in front, crouched and smiled, lift my camera, point and took one shot. Her expression, maintained the whole process, as if she didn’t care or didn’t notice me. What was in her mind,  I will never know.


  the moments

I have lots of different angle on this, what was unique about this piece was that, I tried to catch the moon rising from the horizon at the background composed with the building. Back from work I noticed the moon was so beautiful, rising from the background the shape and moon crater was clearly visible.. Immediately when I reached home, I grab my stuff and drove to this location and took this picture. I was too late,  15 minutes earlier the moon would have been perfect.



At a local market.. knee level, bent down a bit and without looking in the view finder. The man on my right stood and watched me. He didn’t move and waited for me to finish taking pictures. So polite of him. It wasn’t in my intention to frame him. Meeting new people and telling their story.. fun.



Doing street photography, sometimes, well actually most of the time, I don’t plan for the shots. I just generally set out on what to shoot or destination and then head to the destination. This was when I was eating out, while waiting to be served. What attracted me.? well could have been this cute girl sitting with her hp.. but I was interested in her expression that she seems to be so anxious to be at some place else and preoccupied with text messaging at that time.



The architecture of this building, was the attracting factor.. the red wooden frames of the door and windows and a man sitting and enjoying his drink.. was a bonus.. he made the composition for this scene more interesting. There were  two other of his friends at the right but I didn’t want them included… Just one man and the building.


 Light and dark contrast

Lights and shadows.. Just amazing when combined.. this picture does not do justice to the art. I wished that it can be better but I am still learning. To see the way how lights shines and highlight the interestingness and how shadows closes and covers the unwanted.

Things that you see every day and are so used to them,  sometimes can be an interesting subject to picture. You just have to be more creative and open your eyes bigger! …  I always believed that the more you see the more experience you get… and experience is a form of exploration. I try, seeing the world in a unique perspective and learn to appreciate what we have so that I can be grateful.  The learning process never ends.. you are not the best in photography, but you must do your best… I guess that my friend, did in a way influenced the course in some part of my life by lending me his national geographic magazine that day… well,  that too combined with my dad’s ektramax. (wonder where that camera is now. 😦 )

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