Bako National Park

Bako National Park  is Sarawak’s oldest national park, located at the northern part of Kuching, surrounded by the south china sea, covering an area of 2,727 hectares at the tip of the Muara Tebas peninsula. I have been here few times, sometimes alone,  and sometimes bringing friends and becoming their “tour guide”..  My last visit few days ago…. as a favour to my friends, was becoming the tour guide for 9 of them, who has never been here.

From the city, the drive to kg’. Bako jetty would take about 45 minutes.. We registered at the jetty, fill-up a form and and paid the entrance fee of RM8. That day the waves were a bit high. On calm seas, it would take only 2 boat  (5 -8 person boat, capacity) .. but the boatman said we needed 3 (due to safety reasons) .. Two way trip fee per boat was RM94 ..

boat fees.

The sea stack  is one of the iconic landscape mark at the park was only half visible as the tide was quite high… I was surprised that the tide could rise up to that level..

There are many trails that we can choose, For this trip, I chosen the easiest one named, Teluk Pandan Kecil, even though it is one of the shortest trekking distance, the view at the end is breath-taking. The breeze is so refreshing, and rejuvenating after that long walk, an experience that can’t be described by words, maybe this place  is just magical. This 2 km walk, has lots to offer along the way. Photographing would take more time and lots of stopping. Not suitable if you are bringing along parties that aren’t photo enthusiast. Plants, and if you are lucky, some wild animals are visible. You can normally see a proboscis monkey wandering around the swamp and a few wild boars too. 

Pitcher plants, are easy to locate along the trail, just have to be observant and sharp to get the best looking and nicely shaped ones for a pic, there are lots of them at the high grounds. Flowers and  other wild plants are sure to catch your attention as well.

The boat ride would take about 20 minutes to the park Headquarters, there I gave the form and inform the authorities all necessary information and after that, we were on our way. If you want to stay over night. chalets are provided.  That would require an advance booking at the tourism office in Kuching.

After trekking for 2 hours, tired and sweating profusely, finally we reached our destination, Teluk Pandan Kecil. All the effort and pain that was endured before, is rewarded with the ability to personally feel and enjoy nature’s beauty and wonders. That feeling of satisfaction and sense of achievement, makes me appreciate and recognise, how valuable all this experience is.

Taking a dip in the sea is another thing that can be done here, just bring along extra clothes. I am just grateful to be able to experience the scene and ponder at the beauty this landscape has to offer. My only wish is to be  able to take some sunset scene here, however the park would not allow camping activity at this site.

One thing for sure, I would never get bored with this place and no matter how many time I have been here, I will come again.


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