the idea

One fine day,  when surfing the net, I came across a great deal. The air ticket was cheaper than it would take me to buy a pair of shoes.. 45 seconds later, my flight to Kota Kinabalu was booked and confirmed.  That was 6 month back.. Few month later, I found the deal is still on… I invited 2 more people to come with me and now there is three of us going to Kinabalu at a relatively cheap price… all thanks to Air Asia …


Travelling late at night is, interesting..? well not so. There are not many people around, shops are closed, airport is quiet and it’s dark. Then you’d have to take the airport limo as there is no other alternatives and they aren’t cheap.  The advantage,  no traffic jams, it is cooler and you reach your destination faster, the journey is more relaxed and less stressful. Well, you lose some you win some….

 After a 10 minute drive, we reached the hotel, checked in and unpacked, I head out again to the streets and surveyed the area. Google map is great for reference and finding your way around, making and planning trips. Just remember to do some research before hand..

Since it was the weekends, the pub and bars were still open even late at night.. there was still some singing and people are still wandering around.

walking in the night and taking pictures is a little bit dangerous. I didn’t want to take too much attention to myself and carefull not to offend other people, but it is hard to ignore the interesting things that happens at night. There is just a different feel and sense of atmosphere at night where the scene is more focused and concentrated compared to all the distractions at day. Plus the lights are nice.


morning day 1 – market.

The next morning.. woke up early and head for the Philippines market.. this was actually one of the reason I wanted to make this trip, to see the activity and scenes at the market.

At first, I didn’t expect to find this market to be any different from home.. Well, not quite, the language was kind of different with the local dialect and slangs. the atmosphere was new and scene was interesting.. Chaotic but at the same time it has it orders. There was not many foreign tourist at that time, but maybe it was already late. The price of vegetables was amazingly cheap, they buy in bulk.. One person, needed to make two trips to his vehicle to carry all his spendings.One thing unique about this market is that it is located just beside the sea.. they transport most of their sales item from the adjacent islands.



pearls – another unique item here are sold at abundance. A sales person, Norhaida was really helpful and nice and showed how to check for fake pearls and spent her time explaining on the two major type sold here..They are sea water pearls and non-sea water pearls. Sea water pearls, as she informed was better looking in shape are evenly round, better looking thus more expensive.

This pearl rm400 each is said to be able to duplicate it self. In local  is alive.


 The most popular spot here is surely Jesselton point.. this is where they take the boats to go islands hopping.. the ever well known islands; manukan,  mamutik,  gaya and etc, where activities as scuba diving jet ski and the lot, are done here .. basically this is what the visitors come for.

by night – seafood, all that you can eat.

Seafood here are not to be missed when visiting Kinabalu or any other place in Sabah for that matter…. But to get the best price. you’ll need to know the locals here or ask for someone here to help show where you can get a great deal.. The menu is all but the same, and the food are fresh as all of them are still swimming in the tank. … only difference is the price.



out of the city

what else-? well.. as always.. no need to bore people with facts that are already available in the web.. . this blog is my description of my pictures..  Something that i

found that i hadn’t seen for quite a while are “grilled coconuts.. ” kelapa bakar… Yes.. you barbeque em nuts on fire.. how long and how. i didn’t had the opportunity to dig further.. BUT the taste is unique.. the fluid,  when baked, turns into sweety flavour naturally.. not so sweet but you can feel the nice caramelised  glucose. Just authenthic.. some like to add sugar, few ice cubes and it turns into something remarkable.
coconut pudding… is another magical treat that I wish i have with me right now when typing this.. 😛 .



Beside the coconut, lokans are also sold here.. She said it is burned with mixed ingredients such as garlic, tumeric ginger and so on.. and  yes… Google “lokan” .. more articles are available..  😀

more pictures are available on flickr site..


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