the curious case of Bubu the cat

the three persians..
bambi bubu and totti(hidden)

This is the story of a cat named bubu, he was a playful and happy persian that belonged to my sis…   A playful and jovial feline that played with his two other cat friends.. Totti and Bambi..

bubu at 3  month old
bambi bubu and totti(hidden)

My sis brought Bubu, a male persian with grey furs,  back when he was 2 month old.. soon after that, bambi and totti, both are  females came afterwards to join the family… she caged the three of them in a cage,  large enough for them to play around. We can’t let them run amok freely in the house as they would literally, well… littering the house,  damaged the sofa  and endangering  themselves so to speak..

playful and always running around as you would expect from a bunch of  kitten… they are darn cute little things… even though they pooped and stink a lot.. 😀

One day... when I was back from work .. I noticed that Bubu was laying still in the cage..  thinking he was prob just sleeping,  i didn’t take much attention.. bambi and totti was meowing and making some noise… and that day my sis was outstation  because of her work so she wasn’t home..

After a while, i checked back and see that he hadn’t moved from his position… i was getting the shivers…  i knew there was something weird.. he can’t be sleeping like this.. i touched and felt his fur and at that moment i knew he was gone..

bambi bubu and totti(hidden)

Shocked and confused. I didn’t know what to do.. i didn’t call my sis immediately as i knew it would crush her… but  sooner or later she would still have to know  😦

Soon a friend of her came and was looking into the cat, he called my sis and informed her about this incident. And We buried bubu and let him lay in peace…  i guess it was better my sis wasn’t here as it would make her more depressed.. not seeing her cat demise was somewhat .. a relief…

We never knew what happened that day.. what really hurt bubu.. or why he had died… before that day he did lost his appetite and eaten less, but we suspected nothing amiss, maybe he was just tired or bored…  Sadly after only 5 month with us.. bubu went away. I did miss bubu in a way.. he was the “smartest ” and was quite fond of me compared to the two.. always know how to play along. Every time i walk past the cage in front of our house.. I’d always remembered that day.. when the three of them became two..

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