ayam pansoh – chicken cooked in bamboo..


This is a traditional method of cooking in a bamboo by the iban tribe. it is still done today and at some hotels or restaurant, is an exquisite delicacy due to the tasty and amazing flavours from this style of cooking. Though recipes may vary.. the concept of cooking in bamboo is to get the flavours of bamboo and chicken fused together which creates a unique flavour.

1. Ingredients.. chicken whole, cut into small pieces..

ginger, daun bungkang (local name.), young tapioca leaves, lemon grass. bamboo large and thick. (used here is 6cm dia x 58 cm length. )

2. blend/ mash with mortar ginger and garlic, bash lemon grass a bit, just to get the flavour out.

3. mix all mashed ingredients with chicken, add salt.

4. squeeze out as much as possible water from the ingredients.

5 mix thoroughly all ingredients.

6. beautiful textures and colors, marinate one hour. do not add any oil. the oil comes naturally from the chicken fat and meat. fill up the bamboo with the mixtures of chickens and ingredients, not to compress them but just fill it in nice and avoiding any empty space. stuff the top of the bamboo with tapioca leaves.

7. set up the fire, but take care not to burn the bamboo. we only need the heat, no flames if possible. flame will cause the bamboo to burn and leak all the goodness out..

8. after an hour and a half. (depending on your skill with the fire) the chicken should be cooked after the water boils. It can be seen on top of the bamboo when water is boiling and the tapioca leaves is cooked.

9. the result is the natural taste of chicken and bamboo cooked. You can never duplicate the taste if cooked in a pot.

not the most modern but it’s still cooking and just can’t wait ..

A traditional favorite of mine . The taste is so unique you can’t just forget it.. well, take as all that there is and may all info here are accurate… but the recipe is right and documented as it is. Did try the recipe myself but without the assistant and guidance from an experienced person hands on.. it’s not easy..


3 thoughts on “ayam pansoh – chicken cooked in bamboo..

  1. Hehehee…now…cooking class…hehehee…
    Look easy…but where can I get bamboo…uuummm… wait until Ramadhan, then I can buy bamboo in d wet market… so ..I can cook this chicken bamboo and Lemang for this coming Hari Raya…huhuhuu…
    But, I wonder…where can I get that leaf…”Daun Bungkang”…uummmpp….Or can I put “daun kunyit” or “daun limau purut”…heheheee…

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